RSF Commander East Darfur Sector Declares Normality of life ,Stability of Security Situations in the State

14 Feb 2021

RSF Commder East Darfur sector Brig. Hussein Manzoul has declared normality of life and stability of security situations in the different localities of the state. He said while inspecting the check points of the joint regular forces to secure the public organs in the city following the recent incidents and damages of the governmental organs,warehouses in the state.
He affirmed the stability of security situations in all parts of the state, added that the srate is free from any kinds of insecurities violated works ,negative aspects harming the citizen. He urged the citizens of east Darfur , not to respond to the  appeals for any kinds of violations affecting the state and the properties of the citizens who are suffering from economic difficulties.
He called on the joint regular forces on the importance of imposing power of the State, securing of the citizen living , and to follow up any threats facing the state.