Deputy RSF Commander in Chief Leads Cessation of Hostilities Mediation in West Darfur

13 Feb 2021

Member of the Transitional Period Partners, Deputy Commander in Chief of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo has led today (Saturday) at the buildings of West Darfur government secretariat  a mediation between the Masaleet and Arab tribes which resulted to the signature of signing cessation of hostilities document  following the recent conflict between the two parties in Al-Genaina city.
Daglo said that the document signed is obligatory to all parties in order to achieve security and stability  is the responsibility of all, pointing out to the wisdom of Masaleet Chieftain saad Abdul Rahman Bahr Addeen who stood in equal distance from all a matter that affirms that he is the chieftain of all.
He praised all those who contributed in mending the social fabric and stopping the war, starting from the head of the government delegation, Mohamed Al-Faki Sulieman and the accompanied delegation , the local administration, Al-Geniana people initiative, and the regular forces,  describing what happened as a success for all.
He confirmed that the signature of cessation of hostilities document  represents a safe valve  of the stability and peaceful coexistence, affirming that the contents of the document will be implemented to the letter.
Daglo disclosed that the government sent humanitarian aid to the affected citizens, adding that the flow of humanitarian assistance will continue.
He directed the regular forces to implement its part as stipulated in the document, calling the local administration to implement its part, promising  to lead another mediation to reach reconciliation agreement amid all the components to bring Al-Genaina back to its glorious eras.