Al-Faki Commends the RSF Role in Restoring Security and Stability

10 Feb 2021

Member of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Mohamed Al-Faki Suleiman lauded the role of the Rapid Support Forces in preserving security and stability all over the country.
Al-Faki  added, while addressing the Peace Shield troops in Al-Genaina – the capital city of West Darfur – today (Tuesday) that the regular forces i.e. Sudanese Armed Forces, RSF, police, and General Intelligence Service contributed in containing the recent incidents, calling for abandoning tribal conflicts and clashes and to head towards reconstruction.
He said that Sudan is facing plots to abort the considerable stability, calling for cooperation to reach a comprehensive peace.
Al-Faki affirmed that it is the responsibilyt of the government to  protect the civilians and the repatriation of the IDPs and refugees to their home villages, pointing out that the troops of the armed struggle movements will join the Peace Shield  to form  a joint force, lauding the role of the Peace Shield troops in preserving peace and stability in West Darfur state