RSF Deputy Commander in Chief Addresses Peace Shield Troops in Al-Genaina

10 Feb 2021

Member of Transitional Period Partners, RSF Deputy Commander in Chief, Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo has addressed today (Tuesday) the Peace Shield Troops for Protecting Civilians.
Daglo expressed appreciation for the arrival of the troops to Al-Genaina lauding its roles together with other regular forces in achieving peace and stability in the state.
He added that the mission of the Peace Shield troops is to protect the civilians, closing the borders, curbing the smuggling, safeguarding the agricultural season, and supporting other regular forces in its role.
He directed the troops to cooperate and coordinate with the armed struggle movements which will join the regular forces to avoid any traibal clashes in the future.
Daglo added that the country is facing challenges following the December revolution, pointing out that the international community is aspiring from the transitional government to achieve the goals of the revolution towards democratic rule.
He described the new government announced recently as a strong and mature, affirming its ability to bring Sudan out of its difficulties.