Citizens Recognized the RSF Shift from War to Reconstruction, says Brig. Manzoul

09 Feb 2021

Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Commander of East Darfur Sector, Brig. Hussein Manzoul affirmed that his forces will continue its support to the citizens in all social and services aspects, pointing out to the attempts of some hostile groups to tarnish the bright image of the RSF aiming at destabilizing the security situations.
He added , in an interview that the RSF provided support to the sports clubs, hospitals, and drilling of water wells in each of Asalaya and other areas in the state, affirming that the future plans include launching Al-Sarab bridge in the eastern borders of the state, construction of a hospital donated by the RSF Commander in Chief according to the highest standards.
He lauded the harmony between the RSF and the citizens who recognized its freat role in achieving peace and stability in East Darfur.
Manzoul said that the RSF are ready to protect the civilians after the UNAMID exit as it entered into advanced training courses in this regard.
He commended the coordination between the RSF and other regular forces, pointing out to the success of the RSF in curbing the negative phenomenon , besides aborting attempts of smuggling commodities on his way to South Sudan, and its close coordination with the anti-drugs authorities,  the army’s division (20) and the general intelligence service.