Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Announces Reaching an Agreement over the Demands of Al-Genaina Sit-inners

06 Feb 2021

Member of the Transitional Period Partners, Deputy RSF Commander in Chief, Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Daglo affirmed  that the central government delegation has reached an agreement over the demands of Al-Genaina sit-inners.
Daglo added, while inspecting the sit-inner at Un Dowain bridge, that the delegation recognized the legality of the demands and the peaceful sit-in, affirming that some of the demands are urgent especially the security items which is considered the core of the issue.
He added that some of the demands were scheduled to be implemented within certain time through a joint mechanism  representing the central delegation and the sit-in committee to follow up the implementation of the demands.
He accused some parties of taking his former speech  out of its context to serve hostile agendas, adding that the 6 committees lifted the sit-ins peacefully after responding to the demands of the sit-inner in Geraida 1, Graida 2, Nirtiti, Fatabarno, Kutum and Kabkabiya.
On the donation of Al-Genaid Foundation for Peace and Development, Daglo said that due to the catastrophic  conditions which the citizens of the citizens are suffering the foundation donated 20 big trucks of foodstuff and shelters to be distributed to the affected citizens equally, affirming that the donation comes within the framework of the humanitarian work.