RSF Commander Blue Nile Sector Affirms Concurrence between the RSF and the Armed Struggle Peace Signatory Movements

06 Feb 2021

The Commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) – Blue Nile Sector -  Eisa Hussian Tikizo Andulrahim said that there is complete concurrence between the RSF and the armed struggle peace signatory movements in the area, adding that his forces are working in neutrality and respecting others and accordingly it acquired the confidence of the components of the area.
He said that they are able to translate the items of Juba Peace Agreement on the ground considering its acceptance from all the citizens of the area as well as the armed struggle movements.
He disclosed in an interview conducted with him by Al-Sayha daily that the RSF (Blue Nile Sector) is working in coordination and harmony with other regular forces a matter that resulted to the considerable stability of the secutiry situations in all the localities of the State, pointing out that his forces will continue its role towards the society including cultural and sports activities, besides its support to all the initiatives that support mending the social fabric and peaceful coexistence amid the communities in the state.