RSF Commander in West Kordofan Afirms Continuation of Coordination with Other Regular Forces

05 Feb 2021

Commander of the rapid Support Forces – West Kordofan Setor -, Lt. Col. Al-Taj Al-Tijani Abdallah affirmed the continuation between the RSF and the commandment of Division 22, police, and general intelligence, be sides the cooperation with the regular forces in the State to serve the people of the State, adding that their activities include monitoring the borders, curbing the negative aspect represented by smuggling, drugs, borders’ crossing crimes and bringing about control.
Al-Taj affirmed in an interview to Al-Watan daily that the RSF contributed considerably in supporting the peaceful coexistence, mending the social fabricand openness among the tribes in the bordering areas between Messiriya and Dinka Malwal.
He pointed out that West Kordofan State is witnessing stability since the emergence of December glorious revolution as there is not tribal conflicts due to the efforted exerted following the signature of Juba Peace Agreement. And South Sudan Peace Agreement.
He commended the efforts o the 1st Vice President of the Transitional Sovreign Council, Commander in Chief of the RSF and his unlimited support to the people of Wst Kordofan in all the  humanitarian and social .initiatives.