RSF North Darfur Sector Arrest RSF Impersonators

04 Feb 2021

The Rapid Support Forces intelligence in North Darfur State managed to arrest individuals impersonating RSF recruit with quantities of drugs in their properties.
Deputy RSF commander in North Darfur, Lt. Col. Mubarak Mohammed Abuzaid said that the RSF are in complete readiness and rapidity  to defuse such negative aspects which damage the security and safety of the citizens.
He added that there are some parties endevouring to tarnish the image of the RSF through impersonations to implement certain agendas against cheap cost, pointing out that the RSF will remain an open eye and honest hand to preserve the stability and protect the economy.
He disclosed that the RSF are working jointly with other regular forces in the state to eliminate all the negative aspects and preventing the insurgency besides achieving peace and stability all over the state.