RSF Deputy Commander in Chief Address Al-Genena Sit-in

04 Feb 2021

Transitional  Period Council Partners Member, Deputy Commander in Chief of the Rapid Support Forces, Lt. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo addressed the sit-in in Al-Genena, lauding the peacefulness of the sit-in, adding that what they saw on the ground is contrary to what was rumored  that the city is surrounded.
He said that they are  delegated to resolve all the issues and respond to the demands of the sit-inners, besides bringing those involved in the violent incidents to book, pointing out that they are directed by the security and defence council to sit with all parties to the conflict to resolve the crisis to avoid the renewal of conflicts in the future.
He called on the sit-inners to open the road and allow for the humanitarian assistance access to provide support to the needy people after their  demands will be dealt with by the concerned authorities.
He concluded that he will not leave the area unless they accomplish their mission.