North Darfur Governor Values High RSF Role

02 Feb 2021

North Darfur State Governor, Mohammed Hassan Arabi valued high the great roles of the Rapid Support Forces in preserving security and boosting peace in Sudan generally and in North Darfur in particular.
He emphasized, while addressing the meeting of the security committee in the state with the Peace Shield troops commander, the importance of  the coordination and cooperation within the security organs and Peace Shield troops in peacekeeping operations and protecting the citizens.
On his part, the Peace Shield troops commander in North Darfur, Brig. Al-Nour Ahmed Al-Gabba, affirmed thier preparedness to provide support to the regular forces in effusing the insurgency and security threats which obstruct the peace process.
He added that their main mission is peacekeeping and protecting the citizens, calling on North Darfur citizens to distance themselves from tribalism and work jointly to boost peace and mending the social fabric amid the components of the society.
He reiterated their keenness to work tirelessly in protecting the citizens.
For his part, commander of division six infantry , Maj. Gen. Zafir Omer, lauded the role of Peace Shield troops in preserving security, stability and protecting the civilians in Darfur.