Calmness of the Security Situations In West Darfur

02 Feb 2021

The Rapid Support Forces RSF Darfur Sectors Commander Maj. Gen. Isam Aldeen Saleh  Fedail has declared the readiness of the RSF to boost security and to protect civilians in Darfur . Besides    boosting security and stability in Al Gnena expecting to return calm sooner.
This came when addressing Group 33 of Al Genena coming from Khartoum and  led by Cap. Ahmed Khali , to support boosting security in West Darfur  state . He has affirmed the calmness of situations  in Al Genena city , capital of west Darfur state . He  pointed out to the readiness of the RSF to curb any insecurities and tribal conflicts and prevent any types of chaos .
He said that the RSF had played major roles in many fields such as protecting the agricultural season m resolving the insecurities and tribal conflicts , curbing smuggling, the illegal migration and the human trafficking and other different fields. .The RSF is capable to bring security and safety to west Darfur state following the recent violations took place in Al Genena city.
For his part , the RSF commander –Central Dafur Brig . Ali Yagoub Jibril has called on citizens to avoid trouble makers and insurgents and those who spread rumors and urge  the  citizens  to fighting. He explained that the supporting force dispatching towards AlGenena today is a real addition to the RSF that actually exist there . He adaded that the force is well qualified and trained  to achieve the task.