RSF Commander in West Darfur Reiterates Peace Coexistence Support

27 Jan 2021

Rapid Support Forces (RSF) commander in West Darfur, Brig. Idris Hassan Ibrahim, reiterates  their support to the peaceful coexistence amid the components of the state despite the obstacles  especially the tribal conflicts which the RSF are in continuous attempts to contain it.
He said in an interview conducted with him by Al-Sayha daily newspaper that the RSF utilized all its capabilities to serve the citizens in West Darfur State, pointing out to the unique model  supporting the peace coexistence through sponsoring the sports festivals which was attended by all the components of the state a matter that reflects  social recovery.
Meanwhile, Brig. Idris affirmed the openness of the RSF towards the programmes that boost the peace process through launching several initiatives such as providing support to the sports clubs in the state (Merreikh and Hilal) who will compete in the Sudanese premium league supported directly by the 1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council , 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo due to his belief that sports could serve the peace issues as it gathers all the political and social components.
Headded that the RSF will continue its efforts in safeguarding  the  lives of the people and curbing the human trafficking besides preventing any tensions between the farmers and the herders  along with eliminating the negative aspects and protecting the borders.