Huge Military Parade by the RSF in West Darfur State

26 Jan 2021

Rapid Support Forces (RSF) – West Darfur Sector , Al-Geneina – organized yesterday a huge military parade  which toured the capital city of the State, within the framework of boosting the secutiry situations following the considerable stability witnessed in the state recently.
The commander of the RSF - Al-Geneina sector – Brig. Idris Hassan Ibrahim said, in press statements, that the parade comes to boost the security situations considering the deployment of the forces in the markets and the residential areas to preserve stability in the state.
For his part, commander of the military support  battalion, Brig. Ali Yagoub, affirmed that the parade is to  show the widespread of the forces and its existence near the citizens, besides its efforts in curbing the negative phenomenon, pointing out to the existence of check-points at the entrances of the markets, disclosing that due to the deployment of the RSF the situations returned to normal in the streets and markets of the state