RSF Commander North Darfur Expresses Readiness to Protect Civilians Following the Exist of UNAMID

25 Jan 2021

The Rapid Support Forces RSF Commander – north Darfur sector Brig. Gedo Hamdan Ahmed ( Abanshuk) affirmed the readiness of the RSF and the other regular forces to boost security to the civilians in Darfur following the exist of UNAMID last month , adding that the RSF are capable to achieve the task as directives of the RSF Commander in Chief . He appealed in an Interview to Akhabr al Youm daily newspaper on Darfur people to stick to unity and solidarity to overcome issues in the region. He pointed to that the Juba peace agreement signatories will be a real addition to the RSF and the other regular forces to protect citizens and their properties  .
Brig. Abanshuk noted the readiness of the RSF in curbing the aspects threating security of the citizens   . He added that the RSF have managed to seize huge qunatities of Drugs and alcohol with different kinds , and gangs of criminal networking practicing currency counterfeiting m. human trafficking . The RSF succeeded to seized these gangs  according  to the wide spread in the  northern –west bordering strict and the great desert , and the borders with Chad , Libya and Egypt . 
Regards to the basic services to the citizens , he explained that the RSF – north Darfur sector have established more than 60 wells in Al Zuruq, Majour ,Wadi Hawer , Shegeq Kuru. Al Teinah.Ambru and Karnwe areas . In addition to more than 200 schools m Khalwa and other services . The RSF are still exerting more efforts in this field .