FVP Receives Bargo Tribe Delegation

25 Jan 2021
First Vice President  (FVP) of the Sovereign Council, Rapid Support Forces Commander in Chief, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo received today (Sunday) a delegation from Bargo tribe.
Ther representative of Bargo tribe, Mohammed Hassan Ushar, said that the delegation has discussed with the FVP issues of concern, adding that the delegation congratulated the FVP on striking a peace deal with the armed struggle movements.
He said that the delegation came to confirm their support to the peace process and expressing appreciation to the RSF for their support to the revolutionists during the demonstrations against the ousted regime a matter that resulted to the signature of Juba Peace Agreement.
Ushar affirmed that the RSF played a great role in mending the Sudanese social fabric,  adding that the upcoming stage requires communal activities amid the local administration and the civil society.
He lauded the support  of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front  to the peace process, affirming their support to bridge the historical gap since Sudan’s independence,  pointing out that they want to bring the nation out from ethnics  to be under the slogan (I’m a Sudanese).