West Darfur Governor Lauds RSF Role in Protecting the Citizens

21 Jan 2021
Governor of West Darfur State, Mohammed Abdallah Al-Douma has commended the role of the Rapid Support Forces and other security forces in bringing up control and achieving stability, besides the safeguarding of the lives of the citizens.
He added, while addressing a military enlightenment at the 15th infantry battalion , that the RSF and other security forces managed to secure the internal situation in Al-Geneina city, affirming their support to the forces to conduct its mission in achieving stability.
For his part, Al-Geneian sector commander, Brig. Idris Hassan Ibrahim, said that the situations are stable, adding that his forces are working to protect the lives of the citizens.
The commander of the military support, Brig. Ali Yagoub, affirmed the continuation of his forces in boosting security, pointing out to its spread in the major market in Al-Geneina  which opened for the public since early morning, disclosing that they will not allow for destabilizing the security situations.