Deputy General Staff Adrresses the RSF Military Reinforcements in West Darfur

20 Jan 2021

Lt. Gen. Munwar Osman Nugud ,deputy General Staff has addressed the reinforce forces dispatched by the Rapid Support Forces RSF to support the regular forces in the state to boost security and stability.
Nugud affirmed in press statement that the RSF reinforcement is considered an addition to the regular forces to curb the insurgents and violation in west Darfur ,and to participate in boosting peace ,security and stability, and imposing power of the State. Nugud explained that the RSF are working side by side with the SAF in all states of Sudan .Today RSF are to boost security and stability by deploying in the city and at the entrances.
For his part, RSF Commander Brig. Idris Hassan Ibrahim explained that the forces deployed in all quarters of the city since 6 ‘o'clock in the morning, removing blockades from streets. He affirmed that the RSF continue to boost peace and safety to the citizens.
For his part, Military Reinforment Commander,Brig. Ali Yagoub said this force came to support SAF as direct directives of the First Vice Preseident ,RSF Commander in chief ,1st.Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo to resolve the conflict and impose power of the State ,and to boost security and stability between components of the state . He said his forces are deployed in all parts of the state and to face any insurgent threats security and saftey of the Nation .