Daglo Slams Sedition Igniters, Calls for a Civilian-led Government

19 Jan 2021

First Vice President of the transitional  Sovereign Council, Commander in Chief of the Rapid Support Forces, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo said that there are parties which want to chaos and the extension of the transitional period to ten years through igniting fires here and there in the country.
“Whenever we put out  one fire they ignite ten” Daglo added.
Daglo affirmed, while addressing the inauguration of Peace Shield battalion and commandos  training session in Fataha camp today, that Al-Genaina incident in West Darfur  is internal sedition and no foreign party is involved in it, adding that any talk about the Chadian troops is untrue, affirming that the clashes were inside the districts of the city and could be seen from the office of the governor.
He said that there are mercenaries who are igniting the conflict through the social media, calling on the people of Darfur to be aware while watching the messages in the scial media outlets.
“We will not allow for chaos. Democracy doesn’t mean chaos but civilized dealings and understanding” he said, adding that our country is collapsing politically, economically, socially and in security.
He described those who are calling for democracy as liars because they want a 10-years transitional period to tailor it according to their desire.
Daglo urged Darfur, Kordofan and all Sudanese people not to follow the calls of violence, calling for stopping the fighting and submit the demands in a civilized manner, accusing little group in leading the government from behind and the same time pretend that they are out of it.
He warned against dragging the country to dangerous stage like what is happening in Yemen, calling on the Sudanese people to concentrate in his interests, affirming that they are working for the democracy  towards an elected government.
Daglo affirmed that there are certain parties are targeting the Rapid Support Forces, pointing out to similar incidents which show the double standards and targeting the RSF.
He ordered banning arresting civilians without prior permission from the public prosecution.
He praised the RSF for doing its job in a professional manner towards the nation and safeguarding the present stage.
He disclosed that two leading figures came to him on April 11th two years ago and begged him that they cannot go to the streets; but now they said that they want to rule the country, adding that the incidents of Al-Geneina is part of those plans, affirming that the RSF are alert and will not allow for fragmentation.
He considered peace as the most significant successes of the transitional period, affirming that it has become a reality, pointing out some Sudanese deceived the leaders Abdul Aziz Al-Hilu and Abdulwahid Nour to hinder the peace process, affirming that the two leaders will accept the peace.
Daglo urged Peace Shield battalion heading to Darfur to be neutral and enforce the law irrespective of the tribe, besides protecting the civilians after the UNAMID exit.
He said that our aim is to bring democracy and a civilian-led government, adding that some parties do not want elections because they are not confident of their bases to win the elections.
He added that they were very patient to bring the country to safe shores, directing the IDPs to return to their home villages.
“We want Darfur and Sudan united to build our nation” he concluded.