Al-Geneina City Witness Considerable Calmness following the Arrival of RSF Military Reinforcements

19 Jan 2021

The calmness returned to West Darfur State following the deployment of the RSF military reinforcements which came from Central Darfur state led by Brig. Ali Yagoub .
The RSF Commander  - Al-Geneina sector – Brig. Idris Hassan Ibrahim has affirmed in press statements the continuation of his forces in bringing about control and enforcing the ruleof law in the area, revealing the deployment of the RSF inside the city to boost the security situations.
For his part, Brig. Ali Yagoub said that the RSF military reinforcements will work jointly with other regular forces to protect the citizens and healing the wounds resulted from the recent incidents.
He added that the military reinforcements are deployed in the entrances of the stat to safeguard the lives of the citizens.