RSF to Boost Peace and Mend Social Fabric, Says RSF Commander in Central Darfur

19 Jan 2021

Rapid Support forces (RSF) in Central Darfur, Brig Ali Yagoub Jibril affirmed the continuation  of the RSF in boosting the peace and mending the social fabric amid the components of the Central Darfur community.
He added that the RSF contributed in defusing several tribal conflicts in Darfur and other states, besides its role in reconciliations and arresting the outlaws.
On the UNAMID exit, Brig. Yagoub said in an interview conducted with him by Al-Watan daily newspaper that the RSF are essential partner in protecting the civilians after the UNAMID exit on 31 of last December as they are part of the peacekeeping mechanism which will replace the UNAMID, adding that the RSF safeguarded the UNAMID sites in Zalingei from the insurgents who came to loot the properties.
Meanwhile, Jibril said that his forces are deployed in all the localities especially the bordering points in Wadi Saleh, Western Jugma, Um Dokhun  in Bandasi locality and Abu Jaradil in coherent coordination with other regular forces, adding that the open borders with each of Chad and Cenral African Republic are open and overwhelmed by trade and movements of people across the borders a matter that increases the negative aspects which the RSF are working to curb it.
Jubril revealed a firm plan designed last year by the regular forces (SAF, RSF and Police) which resulted to making the agricultural season a success.
He enumerated the social and services efforts provided by the RSF on Health, education and other activities.