Commander of RSF in Al-Geneina Calls for Coherent Coordination among the Regular Forces

18 Jan 2021

Commander of the Rapid Support Forces – Central Darfur Sector –  Chief of RSF Boosting Security Battalion in West Darfur State, Brig. Ali Yagoub Jibril called for resorting to voice of reason , emphasizing the importance of coherent coordination among the regular forces in Darfur states.
He added, during an enlightenment session held in the presence of North, South and West Darfur besides the leader of the Revolutionary Front and member of the transitional period council, Dr. Al-Hadi Idris and the president of Sudan Liberation Forces, Al-Tahir Hagar, that the security system needs to be reconsidered, adding that he did not come to West Darfur to please a government but to stop the war and protect the lives of the people and their properties, besides putting an end to the chaos.
He warned against the disastrous situation in Al-Geneina, adding that it requires practical efforts, pointing out that the peace inked in Juba on October is a great achievement which should be safeguarded.
Brig. Ali Yagoub revealed great challenges facing the firearms collection process in Darfur States due to its widespread among the armed struggle armies and the insurgents, urging the governors of Darfur states and the signatory armed struggle movement to intervene to determine the location of those armies to control the movements in the region.
For his part, Chief of the Revolutionary Front, member of the transitional period partners , Dr. Al-Hadi Idris lauded the efforts of the RSF Commander – Central Darfur Sector – Brig. Ali Yagoub Jibril for his personal intervention to stop the clashes in Al-Geneina ,  calling for coherent  coordination among the regular forces to achieve the aspired goals.