RSF Commander- Central Darfur Commends Efforts of the Joint Forces in Protecting Civilians at the Exit of UNAMID Headquarters

13 Jan 2021

Rapid Support Forces RSF  in central Darfur sector Brig.AliYagoub Jebril affirmed the parpadrnesss of the RSF to assist the Army, Police,the General Intelligence to protect headquarters of UNAMID in centralDDarfur by spreading joint forces at these headquarters.
Brig. Yagoub lauded in press statements after his meeting with the security committee in the state held in Nertetti locality in west Jabal Marra,efforts of the joint forces ,boosting security and stability in the state, protecting the agricultural season and the harvest. 
Dr.Adeeb AbulRahman head of the security committee has discussed with the committee the exit of UNAMID , and security situations in the state.The committee has met head of the UNAMID at Neretti and inspected health situations at Neretetti hospital, the ongoing of works at Alingaz alGharbi highway  Neretetti-Zalenji sector.