FVP: Forming Joint Forces For Boosting Security and Stability in Darfur at The Exit Of UNAMID

13 Jan 2021

First Vice President of the Sovereign Council 1st.Lt.Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo affirmed full parpadrness to secure all states of Darfur at the exist of the UNAMID from Darfur.
He has discussed when receiving a delegation of Fur tribe many issues topped the Peace and how AbulWahid Mohamed Nur head of Sudanese Liberation Movement SLM,and Abul Aziz al Hilu SLM -North to join the process.
Al Damagawi Seisi Fadul Seisi affirmed the imporance of imposing power of the Satae ,and completing peace process,securing the IDPs.He called on importance of mobilizing of Darfur citizen to sit to Abdul Wahid and urge him to join the peace.
Seisi conveyed a message to all citizens to avoid the negative means aiming to divide the regular forces through campaigns in the media.