Central Darfur State Governor Announces the Control of SAF and RSF of Areas West Jebel Marra, Recapturing a Site from Rebels in Katrom

05 Jun 2020

Central Darfur Governor announced the control of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in Central Darfur State managed to control a defence site from two groups of Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) under Abdulwahid Nour and Revolutionary Awakining Council (RAC) Katrom area west of Jebel Marra.

Acting Governor of Central Darfur, Commander of Division 21 Infantry  forces, Maj. Gen. Suleiman Al-Amin, affirmed the control of the SAF and RSF over the area and its surroundings following the failed attack of SLM and RAC insurgents.

He described the attack as violation to the ceasefire announced by the government as an initial to accomplish the peace process.

He added, while inspecting the SAF troops in Katrom in the presence of Lt. Colonel Banaga Adam Abdallah the commander of the area, that SAF managed to recapture the areas attacked by the SLM in a short time through a qualitative operation claiming huge loses in lives and properties on the attacking troops.

For his part, RSF Commander (Central Darfur Sector), Brig. Ali Yagoub affirmed the SAF and RSF control over Katrom area and its military check points, pointing out to their commitment to the ceasefire announced by the transitional government.