Daglo, Machar Inaugurate Sudanese Products Exhibition in Juba

10 Jan 2021

First Vice President (FVP) of the transitional Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo and the FVP of South Sudan State, Dr. Riek Machar  have inaugurated, yesterday evening in Juba, the Sudanese Products Exhibition.
FVP of the Transitional Sovereign Council, has inspected all the products of the exhibition, expressing admiration to the quality and variation of the products, calling on the companies to double their efforts and improve their products to cope with the international markets.
He emphasized, while addressing the inauguration ceremony, the importance of commercial and trade relations between the two countries, stressing on the necessity of expediting of opening the borders crossings besides activating the rivers and railways transportation, calling for easing the movements of the people between the two countries especially in regard to entry visas and residence permits, hinting to the difficulties which the Sudanese national face in regard to residence permits.
He also called for opening branches of commercial banks in the bordering cities and the joint work with South Sudan government to develop the Sudanese harbours for the benefit of the two countries.
For his part, FVP of South Sudan President, Dr. Riek Machar pledged to resolve all the problems that hinder the commercial relations between the two countries, commending the Sudanese products and its convenience to South Sudanese people, pointing out that the joint political/Security committee between th two countries will meet in Juba during this month, affirming the encouragement of his government to the Sudanese companies to practice its activities in South Sudan State.