Sudan Delegation Led By FVP Backhome at Partcipation in Sudanese Products Exhibition in Juba

10 Jan 2021

First Vice President of the Trasnitional Sovereign Council,1st Lt.Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo has returned today accompanied by the minister of Industry and Trade Mandani Abass Madani at participation in the launching of the Sudanese'products Exhibition in Juba South Sudan.
He was recieved at Khartoum Airport by member of the Soveriegn Council Hassan Mohmed Sheikh Qadi, and the minister a Federal Ruling ,Yousuf Al Dei , and the Secretary of the Sovereign Council Lt.Gen. Mohmed Al Ghali Ali Yousuf .
Mandani Abass Madani,minister of Industry and Trade said in press statement that Sudan delegation led by the First Vice President met at the sideline of the exhibition Salva Kiir President of South Sudan who affirmed commitment to remove all obstacles preventing the economic integration and the commercial cooperation between the two countries.He affirmed continuation in supporting the completion of the peace process in Sudan.
Minister of industry added that Sudan depends mainly on ties and commercial exchange with South Sudan ,affirming the huge capabilities and areas for joint economic growth between the two countries to benefit from the mutual capabilities, beside the social and cultural relations linking Sudan and South Sudan .
Madani declared several agreements prepared by the ministries of trade , and the Infrastructure to be implemented after the security arrangements and agreements concerning the crossings stops to benefit from the great capabilities of t he commercial exchange between the two countries expected to reach 3billions US$ annually. 
Minister if industry called on all to activate practically the commercial protocols and agreements between Sudan and South Sudan.He expressed his gratitude to the government and the people of South Sudan, and the businessmen for organizing the exhibition. He said “ We are managing to form joint Employment Council to play major role in the economic development.