RSF Deputy Commander Reiterates Call to Al-Hilu and Abdulwahid to Join the Peace Process

10 Jan 2021

Member of the Transitional Period Partners Council, Deputy Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo has reiterated the call to SPLM/N leader Abdul Aziz Adam  Al-Hilu  and the leader of the SLM/A Abdulwahid Mohammed Nour to join the peace process.
Daglo added, while addressing the ceremony organized by Mizbid sons in Khartoum to honor the peacemakers particularly SLM leader Mini Arko Minnawi and the armed struggle movements, that the situation in Sudan is dyfunctional and unnatural, but it will restore its natural status and will come out from the economic, social and security crises after the implementation of what is stipulated in Juba Peace Agreement.
He affirmed that the transitional government and the armed struggle movements are working in harmony with the youth to make the slogan (freedom, peace and justice) a reality.
Daglo expressed appreciation to Mizbid sons for their honouring him and the leaders of the armed struggle movements, calling for making peace a reality.