Attempts of Thwarting Peace is Still Continuing, Says Deputy RSF Commander in Chief

07 Jan 2021

Member of the Transitional Period Partners Council, Deputy Commander in Chief of the Rapid Support Forces, Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo said that the attempts of thwarting the peace and the theft of December glorious revolution are still continuing, affirming that the capability of the regular forces to confront the revolution’s lurkers   
He called, while addressing today in the Friendship hall an event organized by the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) – Mini Arko Minnawi faction – on the occasion of its 17 martyrs, the revolutionists not to allow for stealing their revolution and to work jointly for the sake of protecting the peace which was signed between the government and the armed struggle movements.
Daglo disclosed that the security disarray in the state is a systematic action aiming at aborting the transitional period and obstructing the peace,  advising the leaders of the armed struggle movements to unite their ranks.
The said that the era of cheating and proxy war has ended for good, adding that December glorious revolution  brought an end to inequality.
“There is no more first class citizen and second class citizen.” He concluded.