FVP of The Soverign Council Meets Adelegation of AlGumur Sultanate

07 Jan 2021

First Vice President of the Sovereign Council 1st Lt.Gen.Mohamed Hamdan Daglo has rcieved today a delegation of Al Gumur tribe led by Sultan Hashim Osman Hashim.
The delegation blessed the peace agreement that signed between the government and the armed struggled movements that to boost security, stability and return of displaced and refugees to their areas. 
Sultan Hashim Osman Hashim of AlGumur Sultanate said that the Rappid Support Forces RSF secured the Sudanese revolution ,the transition,the borders and the states ,pointed out the role of the RSF in the success of the revolution and Sudan.
Sultan Hashim affirmed in press statements after the meeting with the First Vice President of the Sovereign Council ,  RSF Commander in Chief ,1st Lt. Gen .Mohammed Hamdan Daglo that the targeting of the RSF ,is targeting of the citizens of the states,explaining that these forces are gaurding the borders,states and Khartoum the capital , noted out to the presence of chaos in the absence of the RSF.
Sultan of Al Gumur considered while Sudan free from RSF, will lead to chaos as what is running in some neighboring countries.
He said ( we at borders loaded the role of the RSF in securing the agricultural season ,and the social reconciliations, securing the borders and citizens). 
For his part, Shieftain Al Zaki Yahyia said that the delegation congratulated the First Vice President with the peace agreement, affirming their support and protecting of the peace.
He commended the role of the RSF in confronting the negative phenomenas in Darfur,resolving violations, collection of firearms,unliscence vehicles (kadamols and motors) to boost security and stability.
He loaded efforts of the RSF in keeping peace in Sudan and from slipping in chaos.