First Vice President Discusses With Adelegation from Kass and Shataya Situations in The Area

02 Jan 2021

Adelegation of figures of local administration from Kass and Shataya conveyed thanks today Saturday to the First Vice President of the Sovereign Council ,Commander in chief of the Rapid Support Forces RSF 1st Lt.Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo for securing the agricultural season by the RSF.
The First Vice President of the Sovereign Council has received the delegation from Kass,Shataya, Dardama,AlHamia Rotki, Bornga ,Keilk and other areas , in the presence of Nasr alDin Abdul Bari , minister of Justice.
AlRashid Abdul Rahman Abakr member of the delegation said that the RSF have secured the agricultural season,and protected the citizens.He added in press statements that Kass and Shataya are secured in the presence of the RSF.
He affirmed that the delegation demanded from Daglo to emphasis the presence of the forces in area. He pointed out that the RSF have assisted in transporting patients and assisted in social and humanitarian affairs. 
Abakr affirmed their support to the RSF ,saying that the RSF have positive role, refusing the negative image about the RSF, thanks for protecting Sudanese people , keeping peace , singing peace in Juba, and providing assistance to the innocents,displaced and refugees.
For his part, chieftain Abdul Rahman AbdulKarim AbdulRahim said that the delegation came to thank the First Vice President of the Sovereign Council ,Comnander in chief of the RSF for his role securing the area ,and emphasis presence when violations took place in  Bornga area ,that witnessed killing of innocents , firing their houses.
He affirmed that the area is secured by the RSF ,pointed to that the delegation demanded the RSF commander in chief to stay the RSF at the area. 
The chieftain affirmed that the FVP promised to establish health center and schools in the area to support security and stability..
AbdulMahmoyd Ismail AbdulRahman member of the delegation of Kass and Shataya affirmed that the delegation thanked the FVP for securing the area and emphasis presence of the forces in the area, establishing health center to provide cure services, establishing schools.
He added that the FVP has promised to stay RSF there and provide services of treatment and education . 
He added that all was presented by the RSF is appreciable , disclosing their support to the RSF.