Daglo Directs RSF to Dispatch Urgent Medical Convoy to El-Fashir

29 May 2020

First Vice President of the Sovereign Council, Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Commander-in-Chief, 1st Lt. gen. Mohammed Hamdan Daglo directed the RSF medical convoy which is touring Darfur states to immediately return to El-fashir city to provide support to North Darfur State authorities in the fight against COVID-19 which hit the city recently.

It is worth noting that the RSF medical convoy which was dispatched to Darfur under the slogan (Your Heath .. Your nation’s Security) was in its way back to Khartoum, but according to the directives of Daglo it changed its routes to go back to El-Fashir city.

The convoy includes medical materials, sterilization and spray equipment along with awareness circulars and other  materials to control the spread of COVID-19

The  convoys to all Sudan states come within the framework of the RSF  initiative to provide support to the communities to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.