Deputy RSF Commander Witnesses the (56) Shooting Festival in El-Obied

23 Dec 2020

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Deputy Commander in Chief, Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo has witnessed today (Wednesday) the concluding of the 56 shooting festival organized by 5th Infantry Division which came under the slogan (Shooting is Strength).
The festival was honored by the presence of the President of the Sovereign Council, Commander of the Sudanese Armed Forces, 1st Lt. Gen. Abdul Fatah Al-Burhan and the Chief of Staff. 1st Lt. Gen. Mohammad Osman Al-Hussein.
The festival was participated by all the Sudanese Armed Forces units  i.e. Presidential Guards, Rapid Support Forces, air defence, 5th Division infantry (El-Obied), 15th Division (Al-Ginaina), national service, reserve forces, ground forces, and engineering corps.