Deputy RSF Commander Witnesses Brotherhood and Social Peace Forum Conclusion

21 Dec 2020

Deputy Commander in Chief of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo has witnesses today (Monday) the concluding session of the Brotherhood and Social Peace Forum which took place at Um Al-Qura area of Mershing Locality in South Darfur State.
Daglo addressed  the forum came under the slogan (Comprehensive Development and Sustainable Peace), commending the role of the local administration in resolving the conflicts amid the social component in South Darfur, calling for cooperation in development, reconstruction and stability.
He pledged to implement all the recommendations of the forum, especially preventing the negative aspects and drugs which have its negative impact on the community.
He affirmed the preparedness of the regular forces and the anti-drugs directorate to eliminate this phenomenon.
Daglo lauded the efforts of South Darfur governor, the security committee, the local administration and the dignitaries of the community in making the forum a success, adding that the forum is a crowing conference to the previous reconciliation conference (Al-Nadeef, Tulus etc.).
 He called on the components of the community to launch the chapter of development, peace, growing-up the kids on loyalty to the homeland and neglecting the tribalism.