RSF in East Darfur Congratulate Police Forces on Its (102) Anniversary

20 Dec 2020

Rapid Support Forces (RSF) – East Darfur sector (Al-Deain) – conveyed its congratulations to the Police Forces in its celebrating its (102) anniversary  which took place today (Sunday) at Al-Mulid Park in the presence of the East Darfur State governor, Dr. Mohammed Eisa Eliaw.
RSF Commander, Al-Deain Sector -, Lt. Col. Abdallah Maisara affirmed that the RSF congratulations to the Police Forces comes within the frame of solidarity and applying an integrated system among the regular forces to protect the homeland and achieve justice, development, stability and providing the required services to the communities in the state, besides achieving peace, coexistence and promoting the peace culture on the ground.
RSF representative in East Darfur State saluted the Police forces in its (102) anniversary, calling on the regular forces to correlate in supporting the people in the State.
He hailed the efforts of the police forces in protecting the homeland and its citizens.