A delegation from SLM visits RSF west Darfur sector

10 Dec 2020

A delegation from the Sudanese Liberation Movement SLM visited today ( Wednesday) the Rapid Support Forces RSF west Darfur head quarter in Genina .
Brig.Idris Hassan Ibrahim RSF commander in west Darfur sector welcomed the delegation, affirming the idea of promoting for peace on reality. 
He affirmed the continuation of the RSF in keeping peace and security and imposing Power of the State and the Sovereignty of law. He said that the First Vice president of the Sovereign Council paid great attention towards promoting for peace.
For his part, Mohamed Ibrahim (Wad al-Jabel) head of the delegation said that the delegation is envoyed from the head of the SLM- Mini Arku Minawi to visit all localities to promote for peace, pointedout the exchange of trust between the First Vice President of the Sovereign Council 1st Lt.Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, and head of the SLM Mini Arku Minawi.
Yahia Jabel Moon a member of the delegation disclosed that the RSF and the other regular forces and the armed struggle movements are capable to guard Juba peace agreement.