Daglo Affirms Consistent of the Sudanese Army in Protecting Sudan and Its Superiority

09 Dec 2020
Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Deputy Commander in Chief, Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo affirmed that the Sudanese Armed Forces with all its components are working in harmony to protect Sudan and its superiority.
He enumerated, while addressing the concluding session of the annual training project (Tihraqa Grandchildren 4) for the 5th brigade infantry, air-defence, air-forces, and RSF this morning (Wednesday) at Shakoot Military Area North/East Khartoum North, the efforts of the security system in preserving security and stability in the country, besides its supporting the revolution containing the tribal conflicts, and supervising the reconciliations in Eastern Sudan and Darfur.
He added that the Sudanese Armed Forces will remain the safe valve of the nation, calling for providing support to the transitional government, disclosing that the disputes led to wasting of long time from the transitional period.
Daglo said that he was among the Transitional Military Council (TMC), but he refused to avail chances to others, affirming that the formation of the Partners Council was agreed on by all components including the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC).