RSF Operations Directorate Manager affirms capability of the RSF in supporting peace and protecting citizens

09 Dec 2020
Rapid Support Forces RSF operations directorate manager , Maj.Gen. Osman Mohamed Hamid disclosed that the specialized training courses of the RSF on the Interntional human rights law managed to enable the forces to work as part of organizations supporting peace locally and regionally. 
Hamid affirmed in his speech today (Tuesday) when addressing the closing of the Training of trainers TOT on the human rights and Interntional humanitarian law for the RSF organized by UNAMID human rights section. He affirmed the capability of his forces for the coming era after the signature of peace.
He pointed out that treating with the Interntional humanitarian law enables the RSF to play postive role in desolving conflicts,and to play role in the Interntional peace and security,that manage to protect civilians after the exist of UNAMID from Darfur.
For his part, RSF other officers affairs manager, Col. Omer Hamdan expressed thank to the UNAMID human rights section for the efforts in training RSF employees in the field of human rights and Interntional humanitarian law.
Hamdan committed to implement all what having in the human rights and Interntional humanitarian law to all RSF employees.