RSF Abort Armed Burglary on the Embassy of Ukraine

09 Dec 2020

The  Intelligence Directorate  of the Rapid Support Forces managed tonight to arrest the perpetrators who broke into the embassy of Ukraine in Riyadh district this morning in an armed robbery.
According to primary investigations,  RSF Spokesperson, Brig. Gamal Juma’a Adam, said that the   perpetrators were in military uniform (Army and RSF) a matter that necessitates the intervention of the RSF intelligence to pursue them before they run far from the area of their crime.
He affirmed that the perpetrator impersonated the rank of Brig in the army’s intelligence with four other individuals in RSF uniform and others with civilian dress.
It is worth noting that the perpetrators were carrying 1 Kalashnikov  assault rifle, 3 pistols, 1 electric detonator,  and 2 vehicles . The robbed things amounted to SDG488000 thousand + US$900, 1000 Dirhams, 1000 Egyptian pounds.
During the arrest operation fires were exchanged a matter that resulted to injuries from both parties east of  Al-Sanhouri Mosque in Al-Siteen Street in Khartoum.