RSF Affirm Preparedness to Protect the Citizens after UNAMID Exit

07 Dec 2020

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF), training directorate manager , Brig.  Mohammed Ahmed Abbas Ornasir affirmed their realization the great responsibility in protecting the citizens after  the exit of UNAMID from Darfur next month.
He reiterated the endeavors of the RSF commandment to upgrade the capabilities of their forces in human rights and the international humanitarian law.
Brig. Mohammed Ahmed Abbas added, while addressing the TOT workshop on human rights and international humanitarian law organized today by the UNAMID human rights section for RSF officers and employees, that a pure Sudanese forces including Sudanese Armed Forces, General Intelligence Service, and police will be responsible for protecting the citizens, disclosing that this necessitates recognition of the international humanitarian law, human rights, children and citizens protection in conflict zones.
He commended the cooperation with the UNAMID in the previous times, expressing hope that any RSF   hold his machinegun in his right hand while holding peace branch in his left hand.
“We are all for the sake of making Sudan enjoying peace and stability which lead to development” he concluded.