RSF Deputy Commander in Chief Offers Condolences on the Death of Kababeesh Tribe Chieftain

23 Nov 2020

Deputy Commander in Chief of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo has offered condolences on the death of Kababeesh Tribe Chieftain, Al-Toum Hassan Al-Toum.
Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim said, while offering condolences to the family and figures of the area today (Monday) at Um-Sunta area of Hamrat Al-Sheikh  administration of Sodari Locality in North Kordofan, that the death of Al-Toum is a great loss to Kababeesh and Sudan in general, lauding the efforts of the tribe in supporting peace, stability and development.
He affirmed that the change occurred in the country was participated by all the people of Sudan including youth, students, women, local administrations and regular forces, adding that the most important achievement of the change is silencing the guns through the signature of Juba Peace Agreement.
Abdul Rahim urged the leaders of the local administration to convince Abdulwahid Mohamed Nour and Abdul Aziz Al-Hilu to come round the negotiations table and join the peace process.