RSF Continue securing harvest season in South Darfur

22 Nov 2020

Rapid Support Forces RSF south Darfur sector continued securing and protecting harvest sector in the state   . RSF had visited all parts of north of the state included (Netaifa,Ban Jadeed , Merair , Al Seraif , Mandu , Al –Naqeih) to stand on the security situations and the ongoing of the harvest process .
Cap. Ibrahim Adam Ibrahim said that the securing of agriculture and harvest season represents top priority to the RSF affirming that the continuation in securing and protecting the harvest season came as directives of the First Vice President of the Sovereign Council , RSF Commander in chief , 1st .Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo.
\For his part Chieftain of Messariah tribe Al-Tejani Abdul Gadir lauded the role of the RSF in protecting and securing the agricultural season. He said the RSF are still exerting great efforts in realizing peace security and stability and imposing the State power.
It is noting that the RSF in south Darfur dispatched additional forces to the localities consisted of 47 pick-up vehicles at the 1st of November to work within the joint forces spread in all localities in the state since last June to secure agriculture season and to protect the harvest.