RSF Representative Lauds RSF Training Directorate Efforts

19 Nov 2020

The Representative of the Rapid Support Forces(RSF), Maj. Gen. Isam Adden Saleh Fadail lauds the efforts of the  RSF Training Directorate, affirming its professionalism a matter that had its positive impact on the performance of the RSF working in protecting the borders, peace and coexistence among the components of the community.
He greeted, while addressing the graduation ceremony of special forces (group 10) in Tayba Al-Hasanab Military Base, the sacrifices of RSF martyrs on top of whom is martyr Abdul Rahim Juma’s.
For his part, RSF Training Directorate Chief, Brig. Mohamed Ahmed Abbas Ornasir said that the graduation came as a result of continuous efforts and follow-up through the training courses for the special forces, affirming the continuation of training process considering it as a joint responsibility.
He praised the special forces (group 10) which work tirelessly in qualifying its staff a matter that makes the group able to perform its duties in a professional manner.
He added that in the coming period there will be more training curses within the framework of the series of training courses implemented by RSF training Directorate.