Text of 1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo On the Occasion of Peace Celebrations at Freedom Square

15 Nov 2020

H.E. Vice President of South Sudan State, Hussein Abdulbagi
Messers Members of the Transitional Sovereign Council
H.E. Advisor of South Sudan President, Chairman of the Mediation Committee, Tut Galwak
Ministers of Sudan and South Sudan
Leaders of the Armed Struggle Movements
Leaders of Political parties and Organizations
Members of Forces of Freedom and Change 
Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Regional and International Organizations
Leaders of the Sufi Sects and Religious Figures
Media Outlets Representatives
Women, Youth and Students

We greet you all for your patience and waiting since early morning to attend this great event. Your deserve congratulations. Thank you very much our sisters and mothers.
In this memorable day in our history, we greet the sacrifices of women, men, kids, IDPs, and refugees who suffered the bitterness of the damned war in our country for decades.
We are now folding a black chapter of pains and tragedies during which we killed each other and our sons and women were displaced.
We finally recognized that this vicious cycle should be stopped for good because the winner in this war is the loser.
We have learnt from this hard lesson that whatever difference among us as people of one nation we can reconcile as brothers.
The peace achieved which has been achieved with our strong and honest will and intension deserve celebrations as long as it silenced the guns and makes us transfer the price of a bullet to buy a chalk to teach our coming generations how to preserve the unity of their country.
The peace pact signed with our partners last October in Juba and which we are celebrating today will never be a triumph over anybody, but an attempt to mend and build the Sudanese nation on just bases that give others their right to enjoy dignified live.
Actually I don’t see any objective justification or polite political action that glorifies war and belittles the opportunities of the peace achieved by this agreement which we are now working to translate it into the ground.
It is not wise for the people to look at this pact with one eye. We should look to what we achieved satisfactorily towards comprehensive, sustainable and inclusive peace.
We seize this opportunity to renew our call to brothers Abdul Aziz Al-Hilu and Abdulwahid Nour to join the peace process to allow us all enjoy the comprehensive peace.
Sudan, in its new dawn needs the unity of its people more than any other time. Let us unite our ranks for the sake of achieving stability and security in our beloved country.
In this day we have to convey our appreciation to South Sudan State government and people under the leadership of H.E. President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his misters. Thanks and appreciation to Advisor Tut Galwak and the mediation team.
Thanks are extended to all the promoters of peace from sisterly and friendly countries. Thanks to all regional and international organizations and we wish that their efforts continue in the peace building process.
Thank you very much to our brothers, the partners of peace from the armed struggle movements.
We hereby emphasize the importance of patience, commitment and cooperation to implement this agreement because there will be a lot of challenges.
The road is long and full of blockades, but we can overcome all the stumbling blocks to achieve comprehensive and sustainable peace.
To all the transitional period partners: We should work jointly to build the Sudan which we are aspiring; a united and strong country that respects our diversity to achieve the slogan (Freedom, Peace and Justice).
Our Honorable Guests 
We are recognizing the challenges surrounding our country in regard of security, politically, social and economically; but we are also confident that we can overcome the difficulties through unification of our ranks.
Last but not least, we thank everybody who came to celebrate this occasion, especially H.E. the Vice President of South Sudan President, Sultan Hussein Abdulbagi and his honorable delegation.
Thank you.