Daglo Describes the Situations in Al-Mygoma Child-care Center as Catastrophic

31 Oct 2020

First Vice President (FVP) of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo has paid an important visit to Al-Mygoma Child-care Center which provides safe haven to the children who have no parents or relatives to care for.
Daglo inspected the deteriorating situations in the center represented by weak healthcare due to the shortage in medical cadres, the widespread of diseases especially the diarrhea, the dirtiness,  the administrative problems related to weak pay of the alternative mothers and the crises of bread.
Daglo announced resolving all the outstanding problems of the center through un urgent committee assigned to study the problems and resolve it.
The FVP described the situation in Al-Mygoma center as catastrophic, adding that they recognized the difficult situations in Sudan, but he came today to resolve the problems of Al-Mygoma center and to provide all possible support to the children who have no parents or relatives to care for.
He pledged to resolve all the problems of the center  and increasing the salaries besides incentives to the alternative mothers, adding that they will start with providing the medicine and cleaning the center as of today.
Daglo directed formation of an urgent committee to study the situations to provide all the requirements.
Alternative mother in the center complained for the negligence of the government in dealing with the urgent problems especially the garbage.
The Director of Health Affairs in Al-Mygoma Center for Childcare, Wisal Ali Ahmed said that the center is accommodating 350 kids (30 in each room), adding that the center lacks working cadres and the kids requirements, besides the garbage surrounding the center and the weak salaries of the working alternative mothers.
She disclosed that the center needs urgent solutions and immediate support.