Deputy RSF Commander in Chief Attends Mulid Celebration in Kadabas

31 Oct 2020

Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Deputy Commander in Chief, Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo has witnessed today the concluding activities of Mulid ceremonies at the Khalwas of Sheikh Mohamed Haj Hamad Al-Jaali in Kadabas area of Berber Locality in River Nile State.
Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo expressed his happiness in visiting Kadaba which is the stronghold of Al-Gaderia Sufi Sect, pointing out to the special concern of the 1st Vice President of the Sovereign Council, Commander in Chief of the RSF, 1st lt. Gen. Mohamed hamdan Daglo towards the religious scholars and Sufi Sects’ leaders.
He reiterated their protecting the religion and the nation besides preserving the dignity of the citizens.
He added that the RSF was not established to rule as was spread in the media outlets, but it was formed in 2013 to support and assit the army and other regular forces in confronting the internal and external threats.
Lt. Gen. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo said that December glorious revolution needs protection a matter that necessitates from all to put the interests of Sudan on top.
For his part, Sheikh Al-Obeid Wad Badur lauded the efforts of the RSF Commander in Chief and his deputy in preserving the religion, calling on other regular forces and the transitional government to work jointly for the sake of  the unity of Sudan.