RSF Second Commander Affirms Imposing Government Control over Conflict Areas in South Darfur

09 May 2021

Rapid Support Forces (RSF) second commander, Lt. Gen.. Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo affirmed that the government is imposing it control in all the conflict areas including the recent clashes between Rezigat and Fallata tribes in South Darfur State.

He assured the citizens inside Tulus town that the life has returned to normal in the town after the efforts of the army, the RSF, police and the central reserve.

He called on the Sudanese people to ignore the rumors and fake news, urging the citizens of  the area to practice their normal life benefit from the pastures and water reservoirs and to report in case of any attack.

Daglo said that the cause of the conflict is the insurgents, adding that the regular forces managed to arrest them and bring back the looted properties to its owners.