Kutum Locality Students Welcome RSF Convoy for Supporting Education with Joyful Procession

27 Oct 2020

The female students in Kutum locality have organized today a joyful procession upon receiving the RSF convoy for supporting education in Kutum and Al-Waha localities in North Darfur State.
The RSF convoy started the field handing of the equipment in the schools.
The director of secondary education in the locality, Abdallah Mohammadain Mohammed lauded the efforts of the RSF commandment and its sincere desire to deal with the educational issues in Kutum and Al-Waha localities, adding that education has inherited complicated problems from the ousted regime and that the majority of the students have no desks, adding that some schools have no fences a matter that requires more support from the RSF to rehabilitate the schools’ infrastructure.
For his part, the commander of the RSF convoy, Lt. Col. Abdul Gadir Al-Amin Al-Shareefi affirmed that the support  should be met with academic excellence, pointing out that the RSF commandment is concerned with the educational process to develop the country.