RSF Commander in North Darfur Receives SRF Delegation

26 Oct 2020

Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Commander - North Darfur - Sector -Brig. Jido Hamdan Ahmed  (Abu Nshouk) received in his office the  visiting Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) delegation in North Darfur.
The meeting discussed the arrangements of receiving the SRF delegation led by Yassir Arman in the framework of enlightening the citizens on the peace agreement.
Brig. Jido Hamdan Ahmed said,  in press statements after the meeting, that Sudan is passing a stage that requires cooperation, faithfulness, and social cohesion in order to achieve the sustainable peace and contribute in the reconstruction of the country.
He pointed out that the RSF are ready to preserve security and peace, affirming their support to the SRF delegation programmes to achieve the aspired goals.
Meanwhile, the head of the SRF delegation, Fatima Abdul Rahman said that the RSF contributed effectively in making the revolution a success, besides its considerable role in preserving peace and stability in the country.