RSF Secure Agricultural and harvest Season in Central Darfur State

22 Oct 2020
Deputy Commander in Chief of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in west Darfur sector, Colonel Hamdan Daifallah has affirmed the stability of security situations in West Darfur following the deployment of the RSF to secure the agricultural and harvest season besides bringing about control and curbing the negative practices.
Colonel Hamdan Daifallah said in press statements after touring Jildo, Dabba Nayra, and Waranga areas that the commandment of the RSF formed a joint committee from the citizens to assist the RSF in conducting its mission represented by protecting the citizens, their properties and the harvest season, besides the livestock and preventing the spread of fires and cutting of trees.
He reiterated the readiness of the RSF to preserve the security and stability of the citizens besides curbing the negative aspects along with bringing about control in all the localities of the State.